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BIG NEWS! Teaching and CFA

Big developments in the works! This week (tomorrow, actually!) I start teaching at two music schools, one as a temporary substitute. I'm naturally nervous about continuing the work of somebody else, butting in to an established relationship, but I'm also excited to enter into this part of my career. I'm grateful to be working at a place with a large number of flute students already, so I'm not wasting my time going all the way out there for one thirty-minute lesson every week. I'm looking forward to meeting all the students being left in my care, and their parents. The part that freaks me out a bit is the push towards examinations. I took my share of them as a kid, and the system has its advantages, but I've become wary of some the darker aspects to any kind of institution that can score a fundamentally personal and creative persuit. All of my opinions on the matter are the subject of a later post, however, as I could go on forever on the subject.

Continuing with the good news, I will be performing at the 2015 Canadian Flute Association Convention in Toronto on June 18th. I'll be playing Au-delà du temps by Japanese-French composer Yuko Uebayashi with my always wonderful mentor and former teacher, Kathleen Rudolph on her recital with pianist extraordinaire, Ben Smith. I am so, so, so looking forward to this - it's a great piece and an exciting event to be a part of.

I'm in the process right now of getting ready to film some new content to put up here and Youtube. Currently my apartment is filled with filming and lighting equipment, none of which I understand. Thank goodness I live with a seasoned film tech who understands these things! Stay tuned for my first video, Piazzolo's Tango Etude #1.

Other than that, next week I'll be playing alongside the Hart House Singers in their Sunday, March 15th afternoon concert (details here). Other things are in the works, more details to come!

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